Sunday, March 27, 2016

3-18-16 Early release from school, took a quick break, then ice skating lesson with Meegan. She practiced her routine for the exhibition for 45 minutes after the lesson. 

3-17-16 She tried on her new ice skating dress for the upcoming exhibition.
3-16-16 Added another ice skating lesson with Arlene after school. She's working on her spins.
3-8-16 While I was waiting for her to get out of school, received a call that she placed 2nd in the dance choreography division at the State level in the Art Reflections program for her "Beauty and the Beast" performance. Ice skating with Arlene after school.
2-27-16 Daddy too her to her group ice skating lesson. She didn't pass Free Skate 1 again because she needs to work on her spins. She took it a little better this time, but told me she would NEVER pass!
2-19-16 Coach Meegan changed her program slightly. Took out a couple of spins and now she is happy and confident!
2-18-16 First thing in the morning, she continues whining about her ice skating performance. I emailed her coach and we attempted to determine what her fear was. My perfectionist daughter is afraid she won't do well. She proceeded to have a meltdown after school as the whining continued. I asked her if she wanted to stop ice skating, she said, "no!" Continued to message her coach and her coach will talk to her tomorrow at her lesson. 
2-17-16 She has been whining about not wanting to perform in her ice skating exhibition next month because her coach has her performing to fast music, has 2 spins and salchow.
1-23-16 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson since I had to work. She likes her male Free Skate instructor, Steve, this session.
1-1-16 She went ice skating with her friend, Rebecca from her old school. She's been asking to see her for weeks, so was very happy today.
12-22-15 Ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. She's even happy when she falls!
12-14-15 Received an email from her new school that she will be advancing to the district level in the art reflections contest for her dance submission. She submitted her ice skating to Beauty in the Beast.
12-12-15 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 1 class. She didn't move up a level; 1st time since she started she has to take a class over. She was pretty upset...needs to work on her spins. 
12-11-15 Winter Solstice show after school. Her & Simone did great skating to "Suzy Snowflake".
12-4-15 Ice skating lesson after school with Simone. They are practicing for the Winter Solstice show and will be doing a routine to Suzy Snowflake. 
12-1-15 Ice skating with Coach Arlene after school. We arrive at the rink and realized we left her Zuca bag at home with her skates, so she had to borrow skates from the rink. She didn't skate well in borrowed old skates.
11-30-15 Entered her ice skating performance in the PTA Reflections Art contest at her new school this morning since today was their deadline.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

11-25-15 Ice skating buddies, practicing for the upcoming holiday show.
11-17-15 We went to her old school for the National PTSA Art Reflections Contest Reception. She one 1st place in the dance category performing her ice skating to "Beauty and the Beast". 

11-14-15 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 1 class. Went to Disney on Ice Frozen in the evening. Bought pre-sale tickets last year not realizing we would be moving 15 minutes away from one of the arenas where the show was. We ended up driving 1 hour, 20 minutes through horrible traffic to the other arena. Spent $12 on cotton candy and saw hundreds of little Elsa's! She enjoyed it, though, so it was worth it.
11-7-15 First day of Free Skate 1
10-23-15 Entered her drawing in the Art Reflections contest at school. The theme is "Let Your Imagination Fly"...her drawing reflects how she imagines to be an Olympic Gold Medalist in figure skating one day.  She also entered a video of her performance to "Beauty in the Beast" in the dance category. 
10-15-15 Went through her backpack and found a drawing she made at school with an ice skate, pencils and a "C". I think it represents her well.
10-3-15 Always happy to be skating!
9-30-15 The instructor had her doing squats with a medicine ball, burpees, planks, etc. This is after skating for  30 minutes...she got a good workout!
9-23-15 On and off ice training (Bridge class) right after school. She made it through on ice and then started to meltdown like last week for office ice, so I went into the room with her and she made it through class. Think at the end of this session, we will stop Bridge class and add another lesson with Coach Meegan.
9-18-15 Happy to be skating with Coach Meegan on a Friday afternoon. 
9-16-15 Went directly to her on and off ice class after school. She made it through on ice, but had a meltdown during off ice training. She said she was tired, so we left early. 
9-12-15 First day of Basic 8 ice skating class
9-9-15 After school, she started the next session of Bridge Class (on and off ice training class). She was complaining the entire way there that she didn't like Bridge Class, blah, blah, blah. After class, she was excited to tell me about it and said she had fun! Guess she does like it!
9-7-15 Breaking in her new skates with daddy.
9-4-15 Changed her Friday morning ice lesson to afternoons. Thank gawd! So, right after school, we headed to the rink. She doesn't like her new skates because they're too stiff, so she had to whine about that most of the way home.
8-23-15 Went skating at Saginaw Bay Ice Arena while visiting Grandma in Michigan.
8-17-15 Morning ice skating with Coach Meegan today instead of Friday since we will be out of town. When we were leaving, she was almost crying saying she didn't want to go to Grandma's because she's going to miss her Saturday Basic Skills class and thought she would miss testing to move up to the next level. Called the rink and they tested last Saturday and give out the certificates this Saturday. She tested up to Basic 8.
8-13-15 Her new Riedell 133 Diamond skates arrived today and to our surprise they came with some bling on the laces. She was very excited. Took them to get sharpened,
7-31-15 She had an off day at the Summer Sizzle ice competition and fell during her Basic 5 program, so she got 3rd place. She was okay with it. I surprised her with a cat Stuffie after the competition. This was the last "Beauty and the Beast" performance, her music will change at the next one.
12-12-15 She didn't pass Free Skate 1 today. First time she's had to take a level of class over. She was pretty upset. She needs to work on her spins.